Manufacturer Websites

3M - Adhesives, tape, installation tools, hardware and more.
Accele Electronics - Collision avoidance, mirrors, cameras, mobile entertainment systems and more.
Advent / Voxx - Vehicle-specific cameras, parking assist systems, rearview mirrors and more.
Ammotenna - Bullet and arrow replica automotive antenna masts in a variety of sizes and colours.
Arc Audio - Audiophile grade speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, crossovers, DSPs, LOCs and more!
Audiofrog - Audiophile grade speakers, subwoofers and crossover networks. Designed in California.
Audio System - Factory fit speaker and subwoofer solutions for Audi, BMW, Volksawgen and more!
Aussie Rechargeable Irons - Lithium-ion battery-powered cordless soldering irons and accessories.
Author Alarm - Industry-leading, unique and innovative vehicle security and remote start products.
AutoConnect GPS - GPS tracking solutions.
Axxess Interfacing - OEM integration solutions. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
BLU Technology Products - Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring systems.
Bracketron - Mobile device mounting solutions.
Buzzmat by DB Link - Superior sound dampening material.
Cerwin Vega Mobile - Premium subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, and more since 1954!
Connects2 - OEM integration solutions. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
CrimeStopper - Cameras, reverse safety systems, alarm systems, remote starters and more.
Crux Interfacing - OEM integration solutions. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
CTEK - The world leader in battery charging solutions.
DB Drive - Competition quality subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers and accessories.
DB Drive Euphoria - Audiophile quality subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers and accessories.
DB Link - Adapters, amp kits, harnesses, fuses, fuse holders, RCAs, wire spools, terminals and more.
DB Link Lighting Solutions - High quality LED headlights, light bars, emergency lighting and more.
DB Link Lux Performance - Economically priced LED light bars, work lights and more.
FiField Fabrications - Custom installation brackets for mobile devices and smartphones.
Fortin - Remote start products; bypasses, t-harnesses and more. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
Gentex Corporation - High quality rear-view mirrors.
Go Power! - Pure and modified sine wave power inverters.
GP Batteries - Premium batteries of all types.
Guardo - High quality action camers and dash cams.
Heise - LED light strips and lighting accessories.
iBeam - Cameras, parking sensors, monitors, rear-view mirrors, video accessories and more.
Iroda - The leading manufacturer of professional quality cordless butane tools and accessories.
iDataLink - Bypasses, remote starters, t-harnesses and more. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
iDataLink Maestro - Radio replacement and SWC retention. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
iDataStart - All-in-one and specialized remote start systems for a wide array of vehicles.
Install Bay - Seat heaters, installation tools, adhesives, tape, wire, fuses, vehicle wrap and more.
JVC - High quality receivers with features such as Bluetooth, CarPlay and more.
Kenwood - Top quality receivers with features such as Bluetooth, GPS, CarPlay and more.
Lumens - HID and LED headlights, interior lights, LED light bars, work lights, offroad lights and more.
Metra Electronics - World leader in OEM integration solutions. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
Mid City Engineering - Remote start systems for Mercedes-Benz. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
Nesa - Mobile receivers, ceiling mounted monitors, headreast monitors, FM modulators and more.
Park-Daddy - Easy-to-install garage parking assistsance systems (by Voxx Electronics).
Prestige - Premium quality remote starters, keyless entry, security systems, sensors and more.
QPower / QBomb - Vehicle-specific and universal subwoofer boxes. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
Quantum Audio - Competitively priced speakers, subwoofers and portable audio equipment.
QVIA / Lukas - Dash cams and dash cam accessories of superior quality and value.
Saddle Tramp - Motorcycle accessories such as fairings, speaker pods, custom lighting and more!
Shuriken Batteries - AGM reserve power cell, marine, automotive and power sports batteries.
SiriusXM - The premier satellite radio brand in the world. Vehicle tuners, mobile radios and more.
SONAX - The number one automotive cleaning and detailing product manufacturer in the world.
SQL Sound Deadening - The best quality sound deadening material on the market.
Suntech - Pure copper wire spools, speaker cables, RCA wires, connectors, amp kits and more.
Supercam - The number one brand for motorcycle DVR systems in Taiwan.
Tesa - Adhesive products and solutions for all kinds of industries, including automotive installation.
Trigger Wireless Control Systems - Wireless accessory control systems, wireless relays and more.
T-Spec - Competition rated automotive installation, electrical and wiring products.
Ultra Start - High quality remote starters, keyless entry, security systems and sensors.
USA Spec - OEM integration specializing in Bluetooth and AUX. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
Vais Technology - SiriusXM integration to OEM radio systems. - VEHICLE APPLICATION GUIDE.
Wavtech - Audiophile grade mobile audio integration products; Line Drivers, EQs, LOCs and more!